The Line, Koreatown, Los Angeles

Let’s face it. Ever since Anthony Bourdain visited Koreatown in the second episode of his new CNN show last April, we all wanted to check it out. Don’t lie. That’s what he does. 

But then you see The Line, and you see that famed chef Roy Choi has not one, but two restaurants to compliment the 388 rooms above and you feel like you desperately wasted the past 6-months of your life.A nd you’re probably right. Our shame knows no bounds. So let’s set aside the large amount of self loathing you’re feeling and just enjoy that this place actually exists.   

The concept is an exercise in the collective - more rightly put, a collaboration. Equal parts, Roy Choi food, curated and concept shop by Angie Myung, LA bar impresario’s The Houston Brothers serving drinks retro style, and of course, there is that renovated midcentury hotel building.  

And while you procrastinate on trivial matters, you can enjoy a little taste of this Koreatown mecca in the Times Magazine, "A New Hotel in L.A. Celebrates its Koreatown Surroundings" and in Conde Nast Traveler for some great picks by the collaborators.